The absolute worst part of living in Hawaii is being far from family (and loved ones). The worst.

However, absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say, and visits from said loved ones are the absolute best.

My family came to visit over a month ago for a quick trip and for five days we ate and laughed much, and celebrated being together on an island we all mutually love. I took my camera out only twice, at very short intervals, which is sort of unfortunate. At one point, we all piled into two cars and drove to North Shore, my brother excited to surf while I daydreamed the entire drive about different shots I wanted to get. In the same exact minute after pulling up to Ke’iki beach, my brother realized he forgot his board shorts and I forgot my camera.

We are related.

IMG_5593 IMG_5620 IMG_5628 IMG_5647 IMG_5661 IMG_5673 IMG_5678 IMG_5691 IMG_5700 IMG_5703 IMG_5743 IMG_5794 IMG_5801 IMG_5830 IMG_5862 IMG_5872 IMG_5909 IMG_5914 IMG_5927 IMG_5931 IMG_5956 IMG_5962 IMG_5967 IMG_5971 IMG_5985



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