A Day In The Life {a 4th birthday}

One day a month, from wake to sleep. A day in the life project, something new and purposeful. Seeing beauty in the everyday, seeing us. Follow us as the Foto Fifty group journeys into another project together.

March {a 4th birthday}

It’s pretty special when Frozen comes out on your fourth birthday…

IMG_0568Untitled.001IMG_0622IMG_0631IMG_0636IMG_0663IMG_0668IMG_0682IMG_0699Untitled.003IMG_0705 IMG_0740 IMG_0750 IMG_0755 IMG_0787 IMG_0792 IMG_0799 IMG_0812 IMG_0840IMG_0843IMG_0855IMG_0857 IMG_0873 IMG_0890 IMG_0927 IMG_0945 IMG_0981 IMG_1004 Untitled.005IMG_1035 IMG_1036 IMG_1089 IMG_1098 IMG_1157 Untitled.006IMG_1228 IMG_1276  IMG_1338 IMG_1371 Untitled.007IMG_1406IMG_1396IMG_1399 IMG_1410 IMG_1424 IMG_1425Untitled.009IMG_1462IMG_1466IMG_1478IMG_1515IMG_1536IMG_1546IMG_1554IMG_1572IMG_1577


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