A Day in the Life {Tuesday}

One day a month, from wake to sleep. A day in the life project, something new and purposeful. Seeing beauty in the everyday, seeing us. Follow us as the Foto Fifty group journeys into another project together.

May {Tuesday}

Soooo we’re a bit behind. This is May’s Day in the Life post… which ended up being shot in June, because such is life. I hope to catch up asap, as I have June, July, and August waiting in the wings.

 IMG_2983 IMG_2986 IMG_2994 IMG_2996 IMG_3011 IMG_3012 IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3023 IMG_3026 IMG_3032 IMG_3039 IMG_3041 IMG_3043 IMG_3046 IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3059 IMG_3063 IMG_3067 IMG_3072 IMG_3077 IMG_3079 IMG_3084 IMG_3085 IMG_3092 IMG_3097 IMG_3101 IMG_3105 IMG_3110 IMG_3111 IMG_3113 IMG_3119 IMG_3115 IMG_3120 IMG_3122 IMG_3137 IMG_3140 IMG_3146 IMG_3149


2 Replies to “A Day in the Life {Tuesday}”

  1. I love these! I might have to try this… and then hand over my pics for you to edit lol! Also, that was one FULL day. Glad we got to be a part of it!

  2. I am so glad that I was able to be with you last Spring,and got to know the girls and their peronalities–it means so much to see the pictures of their continuing life activities etc, They are so sweet and un pretentious–just natural kids. Thanks for a part of their life. Gtear pictures! Grandma

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