Grove Family BW 022
photo by Jonathan Canlas

I ran across across a brief excerpt in a magazine about the simple beauty of using a glass sugar jar as part of a morning routine for coffee. The author used the phrase “simple rituals” to describe her quiet routine and I instantly fell in love.

I live my life in a series of ‘simple rituals.’ I believe in the value of drinking coffee out of a mug I love, picking vegetables from our garden, and singing the Hawaiian doxology to our girls at bedtime. Our family takes a Sabbath day to rest and play and believes in community and gathering together for meals.

Practicing simple rituals is about being present. In Jesus we find community, meals together, laughter and celebration, retreat and solitude, and a full life. It is all too easy to get bogged down in the mundane nuances of daily living. I believe in finding beauty and joy in the small moments, because the small moments are what our life and our stories are made of.

I started a blog in 2004. Most of the archives of this blog can be found in the ‘archives’ section. Although the blog title has changed over the past 10 years, the themes are consistent. I write about life, love, beauty, faith, and the redemption of Jesus. This blog has seen me through life stages including: college, dating, engagement, marriage, full time vocational youth ministry, pregnancies #1, 2, & 3, a move to Hawaii, Oregon and then back to Hawaii, a new season as a Stay at Home Mom turned Work at Home Mom. And then a three year hiatus. Because sometimes life takes over and something else snags your attention. Like a business and a new baby.

You can find posts on all of the above by searching through the archives and categories.

Currently, I am a wife to a super hot puertorican, mama to three girls and one boy, and lover of writing & photography. I own a photography business, which you can find here. My simple rituals consist of life within those contexts.


p.s. – These little ads you see? They help us out 😉


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