"Dobry Dem" from Praha

I’m sitting in a smoke-filled internet cafe in the outskirts of Prague as I write this. Christie (my roommate from UCLA) and I just went for an hour walk in the surrounding areas near our dorms. We discovered a secret park that looks like it’s straight out of a medieval movie. The trees have black trunks and lush green leaves. The grass is damp and short. Park benches hide beneath trees and couples holding hands walk on the paths. Dogs bark nearby and an abandoned house is hidden beneath a grove of trees. This is our first adventure. It reminded me of the Secret Garden with many tiny paths leading into bushes and trees. We decided it would be a great place to run, and we will definately take advantage of the many beautiful parks in Prague.

The Prague Castle is a 15 minute walk from the dorms, perhaps in a few days I will walk to it. Today we got a thorough tour of the city. So thorough, in fact, that I have absolutely no idea where I am… We saw the famous Charles Bridge, Charles University, Prague Castle, the marketplace, many many many old beautiful buildings that have special meanings that I’m not aware of yet, lots of cobblestone streets, and so much more. I am in a whirlwind as I’m trying to recollect everything I saw today. In a few days I will learn my way around and become more coherent of the area. For now I will say that the city is beautiful. The architecture is ancient and you can almost smell the history here. I have so many hopes and ideas of what I desire for this trip to look like… I can’t wait to find a special cafe or bakery or park where I can sit and read and write… I’m very much looking forward to that. 🙂

I also went to the convenient store near the dorms. It’s somewhat difficult to buy groceries in a different language. Yeah I think I bought yogurt and cereal… we’ll see. The Czech language is beautiful, I only wish I knew a word of it! I can barely say the standard greeting “dobry dem.” Hahaha I continually want to speak in Spanish because that is the only foreign language I am familiar with, but uh yeah they definately don’t speak Spanish here. Anyhow, that’s Prague for now. Tomorrow we go to Moravia to taste wine and explore caves and view cryptic monks in coffins. I’ll let you know how that goes in a few days! Until then….

p.s. Pray for my ankle please, I rolled it before I left and it is quite swollen and painful to walk. Somewhat a problem considering we walk a lot. Also, pray that I would experience God here in ways I couldn’t imagine but are real and tangible and universal. 40% of Czechs are atheists. Also, pray for community here.


3 Replies to “"Dobry Dem" from Praha”

  1. Hi Annie,
    That is exciting, I hope that the entire time you are there, you would experience a grand adventure, and soak it all in. I noticed you said you are in dorms, is this a study abroad for the summer, or longer? Or not a study abroad? FYI, it is spelled Mt. Rainer. But glad to hear that the wedding and all was fun. Maybe I will see you at staff concert? I will be up at camp August 5-8, but if not, tis okay. Sorry that this has turned into a small email, I guess I am a bit bored here at work. Have an awesome time, and I will pray about that bum ankle.

  2. P.S. Rise Up above is B-rich from the kitchen at camp last summer, just in case you were wondering how I knew you.

  3. B-Rich,
    hey bro I knew it was you- good to hear from you! Yes this is a study abroad trip, I get to study history and art and architecture- but really I’m just here for the experience! It’s been amazing so far! Thanks for the comments, I love it! I’m trying to get to camp on August 5 but I’m not sure it will happen… I’m hoping though. peace bro!

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